2016 Appointment: Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Richmond Road School, Grey Lynn, Auckland City

2014 Appointment: Commissioner for Oaths, Kingdom of Tonga (equivalent of a Notary Public in the Commonwealth)

2009 Appointment: Commander of the Order of the Royal Household C.R.H. Kingdom of Tonga

2009 Award: International – Chairman of EARPIRF Training Group, Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam

2008 Appointment: Royal Land Commissioner (Judicial Warrant), Royal Land Commission, Kingdom of Tonga

2008 Award: Senior Counsel S.C. Kingdom of Tonga (equivalent of Queens Counsel in NZ & UK and S.C. in Australia, South Africa & Singapore..)

2008 Appointment: Commissioner, Tonga Electricity Commission

2004 Appointment: Category 4 of the Elite ‘Legal Aid Murder list’ Defence Counsel, NZ

2000 Appointment: Adjudicator for Disputes Resolution Services, NZ

1999 Award: Silver National Design Award (International), Fasson Awards, Sydney, Australia

1998 Award: Gold National Design Award, Fasson Awards, NZ